About Me

Photographer: David Hepburn

Photographer: David Hepburn

         Lakisha Bouchereau is a Haitian American who was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised primarily in Miami, Florida. Lakisha has always had a knack for creativity, working with her hands and drawing. Her journey into fashion and design began in her early 20s when she received her first sewing machine as a birthday gift. The sewing machine was a practical gift which birthed a new, natural creative talent she had not yet realized existed within her. Lakisha began examining pieces of clothing to better understand construction patterns and recreated them to make new, unique pieces.

After high school, Lakisha relocated to New York City where she interned with designer Malcolm Harris, as an assistant along with working freelance wardrobe styling/seamstress jobs for music video shoots under wardrobe stylist Calyann Barnett.

In 2009, Lakisha relocated back to Miami to pursue the creation of her own individual clothing line. The process includes a lot of experimentation and trial and error with various design methods. More magic to follow....Stay tuned.